Mettupalayam Sightseeing Places


Places to Visit in Mettupalayam

How does a child draw a scenery? With a backdrop of mountains, some green fields, and a river flowing across. This is exactly how the pretty, little town of Mettupalayam looks like in reality. The river that cuts through this town is Bhavani, and the mountains that provide for the stunning backdrop are none other than the Nilgiris. Mettupalayam is known for being home to some quaint temples and cultures. There are not many places to see in Mettupalayam, but whatever is there, is simply breathtaking. One of the most prominent temples in Mettupalayam, book sightseeing from mettupalayam travels the Vana Bhadrakali Amman Kovil is a huge crowd magnet, dedicated to Goddess Kali. The gory, annual Kali Festival that involves large animal sacrifice by the tribes and people of Mettupalayam, takes place at this very temple. Apart from the various, strange religious places to visit in Mettupalayam, there are bewildering trekking and picnic spots located in and around Mettupalayam, of which, the Law’s Falls steal the limelight, hand down. It is an ideal place for shutterbugs, families out for a picnic, or lovers seeking some peaceful time. Among the various phenomenal places to visit in Mettupalayam, the Black Thunder water park is the most sought after weekend getaway and kids recreational spot. Well, the town may be small in size, and is often overshadowed under the grand image of the neighboring towns of Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri, but the amount of sightseeing and experiences it offers, it is simply ironic. Scroll down to explore more of Mettupalayam

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